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Around theย Web

Learn how to release your app on the Google Play store with another great tutorial from Gant Laborde.

Nice post here from Gunnari Auvinen on how to debug React Native and Redux with React Native Debugger.

Learn how to create a polyline with react-native-maps with this article from Ravish Rawal.

Nice writeup here from Robert Vogt on how his team shares code between React Native and React.

Another great post from Spencer Carli on how to get up and running with Visual Studioโ€™s App Center.

Open Source

Interesting scaling method and utility for developing apps across a variety of size targets.

Module for speech to text in React Native.


React Navigation Betaย 20

React Navigation released Beta 20 this week with the following highlights:

  • Upgraded to React Native 0.50 and Flow 0.56 and have begun exporting full type definitions
  • Custom headers and back buttons now receive props from React Navigation
  • TabBarBottom now accepts styling options
  • Transition configurations between tabs


Great post here from Krzysztof Kaczor on removing default exports from your modules and why. Definitely food for thought. ๐Ÿ—


React Native Themes from Strapย UI

Get your next React Native project up and running fast with a great theme from Strap UI. Check out their awesome options including eCommerce, Dating, and Taxi app themes and starters. ๐Ÿ“ฑ


Learn how to optimize your Redux store with the areStatesEqual option in this post from Julien De Luca.

Nice pattern here from Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo on the how and why to namespace Redux actions to make sense of that boilerplate.


Learn how your users use your product and why with Usability Testing, outlined in this great post from Amy Smith.

12 awesome interface animation concepts.

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