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02:35 – Introduction

03:01 – Angular Material

05:06 – What makes it “-ish”?

09:47 – Visual Design Goals

14:38 – Mental Model;

18:01 – Getting Started with Angular Material

  • Docs

28:17 – Marketing and User Adoption

31:23 – Browser Support

35:27 – Perf Story

37:47 – and Responsive Design

41:07 – Angular Material and Angular 2


Screeps (Joe)
Lena Reinhard: A Talk About Nothing @ .concat() 2015 (Joe)
Meru (Lukas)
How to Sharpen Pencils (Ward)
Hour of Code with Star Wars (John)
Star Wars | (John)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (John)
JS Remote Conf (Chuck)
Angular Remote Conf (Chuck)
All Remote Confs (Chuck)
Clash of Clans (Chuck)
Dan Abramov: Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel @ react-europe 2015 (Thomas)

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