0:7 – Introduction

02:38 – Shayne’s Background

07:20 – Benefits of Skipping Angular 1

11:21 – Building Desktop Applications with Angular 2

14:18 – First Experiences with Angular 2

22:44 – ASP.NET 5

26:22 – Node

  • Aggregation

35:49 – HTTP, ReactiveX

41:16 – Tips to Jump Into Angular 2


John Papa’s New Angular 2 Course (Angular 2: First Look) on Pluralsight (Joe)
Women in tech: Submit technical talks! (Joe)

Star Wars: Episode VIII (Joe)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Joe)
[egghead.io] Cycle.js Fundamentals (Ward)
Shayne’s Play by Play on Pluralsight (John)
Girls Who Code (John)
Pacifiers (Chuck)

Amsterdam (Chuck)
The Iron Druid Chronicles: Staked by Kevin Hearne (Chuck)
Calamity by Brandon Sanderson (Chuck)
Thinking in Angular 2.0 (Shayne)
Amazon Echo (Shayne)

Source link https://devchat.tv/adv-in-angular/--getting--with-angular-2-with-no-angular-1--with-shayne-boyer


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