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Animals are wonderful, aren’t they? There are a variety of ways that people love animals. Some just like to view cute photos while others like to actively donate their time and money to help them. There are a bunch of for animals. Unfortunately, most of them are mobile games that don’t really teach you much about animals. We found some decent though for lovers everywhere. Here are the best for ! Please note, we have a list for cats and dogs specifically (linked just below) as well as a general pet apps list here. We avoided adding those apps to this list for obvious reasons. Click those articles to read more about those kinds of apps!

Google Maps is another lame, but natural choice for this list. It contains directions and information about just about every animal friendly establishment in your area. That includes pet stores, zoos, dog parks, vets, and searching for pet friendly hotels works more often than it doesn’t. You probably already knew that, though. It’s an essential app for planning a day at the zoo with the kids or other such activities. Plus, it’s free and you probably already use it for your commutes anyway.

Google Maps

Wikipedia is another fairly lame choice, but still a good one. It boasts 39 million articles and a lot of those contain animals. It’s not a good spot to spend an afternoon entertaining yourself. However, it provides a good (and relatively accurate) source of quick information about any given animal. That includes stuff like its scientific name, habitats, and stuff like that. We admit, it’s a lame choice, but it’s still a decent source of info about animals. Plus, it’s completely free with no ads.


If we missed any great animal apps for Android, share it with us in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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