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is a nearly ubiquitous past time. People from cultures all over the world have been doing it since before recorded history. We’ve evolved a lot since the old days. Instead of cave walls, we now have phones, tablets, and computers to draw on. The artist bug can hit anybody and we want to help. Here are the best for ! You can also check out the best drawing apps on iPhone and iPad on our sister site, DGiT.

dotpict is one of the more unique drawing apps. This one lets you do pixel art. It offers up a grid and you can zoom in and move around to create little scenes or people simply by filling in the pixel boxes. You can then zoom out to see your whole creation. The app also includes auto-saving, undo and redo, and you can export your work when you’re done. Other than that, it’s not too feature heavy and it stays out of your way while you draw. It’s an excellent app for those who enjoy creating pixel art.


Simple Draw is one of the better free drawing apps. There isn’t a ton of features with this app. However, that is to keep the app simple as the name implies. It features a variety of colors but that’s really it. You can’t change brushes or anything special like that. It’s a simple, minimal little doodle app. There is the ability to save, though, so that’s good. It is entirely free to download with no advertising or in-app purchases. This is also great for kids or just for goofing around.

Simple Draw

If we missed any great drawing apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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