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As the platform matures, it seems that more and more parents are willing to give their tablets, let them play with smartphones, and allow them to engage with new technology in general. Of course, if you’re going to let your play with tech then they should probably have some to play with that are age appropriate. The good news is that there are plenty of that can use without you having to worry about it. Let’s take a look at the best apps for !

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ABC Kids is an educational app. It focuses primarily on phonics, learning the alphabet, and a little bit of writing. There is also letter matching, upper and lowercase, and word association. The interface makes it harder for kids to exit the app. Otherwise, it’s a very simple experience overall. ABC Kids also has no in-app purchases, no advertising, and it’s free to download. It’s one of the better kids apps for younger children. It’s a bit simple for older kids.

Kids Doodle is a drawing and coloring application that a lot of little ones should enjoy. It features neon colors on a black background that is somewhat reminiscent of the old Light Brights we played with as kids. Children can draw and color whatever they want, save it for later, and even create slideshows with their drawings. It comes with 24 brushes including popular drawing options such as crayon. It’s entirely free with no in-app purchases which is a nice touch. It’s not bad as far as kids apps go.

Kids Doodle

If we missed any of the best kids apps for android, tell us about them in the comments! You can find our most recently updated app lists by clicking here!

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