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If you’re just getting starting in research, it can be difficult to get a bearing on who’s out there to give you guidance or inspiration. Here’s a short list of ten people I and keep up to date with because of their contributions to the field of or human-centered research.

Of course there are many, many more (please share!), but these are the people I’ve been following over the years, in my own very nerdy way 🤓:

  1. Elizabeth Churchill: As a UX director at Google, Churchill is a brilliant inspiration for diving deep into understanding human behavior.
    Twitter, LinkedIn, MixedMethods episode, website

2. Tomer Sharon: Constantly sharing his research expertise with the UX and tech community, Sharon is definitely someone to learn from.
Validating Product Ideas, Twitter, LinkedIn

3. Saswati Saha Mitra: Saswati is a leader in bringing human-centered research into the context of international markets.
Medium, LinkedIn

4. Steven Portigal: Learn how to ask questions in the right way, his book and podcast are great ways to get started.
Interviewing Users, Twitter, LinkedIn

5. Erika Hall: Hall discusses how designers and can ask better questions and how to conduct research in a lean and effective way.
Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn

6. Sara Cambridge: A researcher on Material Design, Cambridge speaks about product development collaboration. She’s also a great inspiration for getting your dream research job.
MixedMethods podcast, Twitter, LinkedIn

7. Aryel Cianflone: I’ve learned a lot from listening to Cianflone’s Mixed Methods podcast. If you want to contribute to the UX research community, follow her, watch her conference talks, and learn. 🙌
Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn

8. Michael Margolis: As a fellow lone researcher, Margolis has helped me learn how to be resourceful to effectively bring insights to product.
Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn

9. Matt Gallivan: From Gallivan, learn how to navigate and provide impactful research at some of tech’s most successful companies.
Twitter, LinkedIn

. Tricia Wang: She defined the concept of “thick data”, a stellar way of bringing human insight into the design process where big data might rule.
Twitter, LinkedIn, website

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