1:50 -Jules explains release candidacy

7:10- and Angular 2

11:20 – Big changes with RC5: NGModules

14:45 – Big changes with RC5: Bootstrapping root modules

15:45 – Big changes with RC5: Lazyloading and packaging options

20:20 – Big changes with RC5: Compiler options

23:30 – RC5 and depreciation

28:17 – Documentation

29:33- Installing release candidate

33:50 – Engineering list


Lootcrate (Charles)

Stickermule (Charles)

Osmo coding set (Lukas)

Premier Protein (Lukas)

ngMigrate (Lukas)

DJI Phantom 4 Drone Camera (Jules)

Munchery (Jules)

Duet Beer by Alpine Beer Company (Jules)

2016 Rio Olympics (Ward)

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