2:40 – Introducing



4:10 –

5:45 – Using @ngrx/store

8:25 – How is possible with reloading?

13:40 – Playback

17:10 – Backends and Side Effects

21:05 – Overloading and discarding of your old application

24:40 – Pressing F5 versus Time Travel

26:40 – Using Breeze.js

27:35 – Workflow setup

29:50 – Tero Parviainen and Music

34:55 – Using the process with NgRX and Redux

37:20 – Learning code languages and assembling your toolkit


Carmen Popoviciu’s talk “Neural Networks and Machine Learning: Building Intelligent Angular Applications (Lukas)

RxJS free course (Lukas)

Hello World using every design pattern (Ward)

The 12 Week Year (Charles)

JS Remote Conf 2017 (Charles)

Angular Remote Conf videos (Charles)

RxJS Operator Selector (Tero)

Bret Victor “Inventing on Principle” (Tero)
Ultimate Angular course platform (Lukas)

Source link https://devchat.tv/adv-in-angular/--hot-loading-and-time-travel-with-tero-parviainen


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