—it rarely inspires excitement. But if it’s relevant, fun, and hands-on, professional learning opportunities can spark creativity and remind educators just why they started teaching in the first place. Below are some of my favorite articles, podcasts, books, and more around professional learning in :





Twitter Edchats

  • #EthicalCS: Spearheaded by Kara Chesal, senior director of strategic partnerships at #CS4ALLNYC, and Ed Saber, a CS educator. This edchat takes place Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST. Educators, computer scientists, and education policy experts come together to discuss how to make the field of CS more ethical.
  • #InfyEdChat: InfosysFoundationUSA invites education thought leaders to host these bi-monthly edchats. Topics range from “How to Start a Makerspace in the New School Year” to “Teaching CS Away From the Computer.” Here’s a guide to getting started with edchats if you haven’t tried it before!


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