2:35 – What types of have we worked on?

8:30 – Deciding what kind of team to hire

14:25 – Issues and concerns with working on back end/ end teams

19:00 – Troubleshooting

21:00 – Measuring success with split and cross-functional teams

25:35 – Benefits of full-stack teams

28:45 – Hiring full-stack, front end, and back end

31:05 – Hiring experts and specialists

34:45 – Mobile teams

36:05 – Viability of teams within React and Angular

42:55 – The future of web development


Doctor Strange (Joe)

Hacksaw Ridge (Joe)

Major League Soccer finals (Joe)

React Native Radio (Charles)

Ignite – Infinite Red (Charles)

Frontend Masters (Charles)

Source link https://devchat.tv/adv-in-angular/--back-end-and-front-end-teams-versus-cross-functional-teams


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