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Welcome to the 267th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last :

  • Spotify is giving away free Google Home Minis right now. It works for both current and new subscribers. Basically, you sign in with your account and opt to buy a Google Home Mini. It takes you to the Google Store with a coupon code for a free Mini. You complete the order as usual and that’s all she wrote. It works with family accounts as well, but only with the master account holder. Basically, it’s one Google Home Mini per plan, even if it’s a family plan.. Hit the link above to see the all the steps.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 has a great reception right now. It also got a companion app that is available right now. The app performs quite a few fun little features. It tracks your health, stamina, and other stats. Additionally, you can read through Arthur’s in-game journal, track Social Club stats, and it comes with the game’s full manual. The UI is easy enough and it’s useful for basically all parts of the game. It’s also entirely free. Hit the link to get it.
  • A new game is coming to Google Play Soon. Beat Cop is, well, a game about a cop. You play as disgraced NYPD officer Jack Kelly. It requires some strategy as you keep your reputation up with the mafia, street gangs, and your cop buddies. Additionally, it has a lot of that 1980’s grime. You eventually figure out who framed you. The game is non-linear and the soundtrack is reportedly good as well. This is from the same developers of This War of Mine, one of the best mobile games ever. It’s available for pre-registration now with an early release for Canadians.
  • Google is tossing its annual Android Dev Summit here soon. The official app is also out right now. The app works a lot like the official Google I/O app. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if it were by the same developers at Google. Attendees can view the schedules for all of the talks, keynotes, and sessions. Those who don’t go can stream most of the event to the phone as well. The Dev Summit is a lot more in-depth than Google I/O, but it should have a ton of great information.
  • Google handed out four Material Design awards this week. The winners include Lyft, Anchor, KptnCook, and Simple Habit Meditation. The awards were for expression (KptnCook), Innovation (Lyft), Experience (Simple Habit Meditation), and Adaptation (Anchor). All four do different things as well. Google commented that each app used Material Design is a unique, but effective way to make the all better. They were especially pleased with KptnCook and Anchor for their seamless integration of UI and functionality. In any case, you can check them out at the link just above if you want to.

ConnectPaper is a new app in beta. The premise is pretty neat, actually. This app lets you share wallpapers with friends. You add friends with a friend code. From there, you simply share your wallpapers to the app. Your friends can see and download the wallpapers as they see fit. This app is basically brand new and it definitely still needs work. However, we love the idea. It works okay as long as you don’t mind how unrefined the experience is. We expect this to be a really fun little app when the developers are done with it. It’s currently free, but it’s also in beta. Just something to keep in mind.


If we missed any great Android apps or games news this week, tell us about it in the comments! You can also check out our weekly podcast here!

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