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The 248th edition of Android Apps Weekly is out! Here are the big headlines from the last :

  • La Liga’s official app caught some flak this week. It turns out the app used a device’s microphone to monitor for illegal streaming. It’s an effective method to root out piracy. However, it’s also a massive breach of one’s privacy. Spain’s data protection agency is investigating the app right now. La Liga defended the action stating that users have to enable mic permissions for the “feature” to work. We don’t think anyone’s buying it. It’s not a great story to kick off this year’s world cup.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix sometime this autumn. This sparked reports that Netflix was getting into the game streaming market. Netflix denied these claims and called Minecraft: Story Mode (by Telltale Games) an interactive narrative rather than a game. We also got confirmation that the Stranger Things project (also by Telltale Games) is a mobile game only and also won’t appear on Netflix. Misunderstandings aside, having the game on Netflix should be fun and the upcoming title should be pretty good as well.
  • A new Command Conquer game was announced at E3 this year. EA plans to bring the popular RTS game to mobile with what it calls console quality game play. However, the reaction to the announcement was mostly anger. EA has a habit of turning popular franchises into shameless cash grabs and fans believe Command and Conquer: Rivals is no different. We’ll see when the game comes out. You can register for the game now on Google Play.
  • Microsoft and EA both had big mobile presentations at E3 this year. Both companies are working on new game streaming platforms. There aren’t a ton of details yet and previous streaming service attempts have been (mostly) failures. We imagine that EA and Microsoft have a lot of work ahead of them in order to make it a successful endeavor. Oh, and Microsoft also announced Gears Pop, a Gears of War game for mobile.
  • Bethesda arguably had the best week at E3 for mobile gamers. They announced a new mobile RPG. The Elder Scrolls: Blades promises a first person RPG experience with decent graphics, various quests, online PvP, and tons of exploration. We expect a freemium experience much like Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and Elder Scrolls: Legends titles. Oh, and they also launched a port of Skyrim on Alexa. We’re serious.

Sojourn is a new journal app. It does what any journal should do. You can write down your daily activities, emotions, events, thoughts, and whatever else you feel like sharing. It features a simple UI with some customization features. It encourages short format writing to undo the stigma that every journal entry needs to be a short story in terms of length. It’s a beta release and still has bugs. However, this one has a lot of promise. It’s currently free with advertising.


AirMirror is the latest app from the developers of the popular AirDroid. It’s a remote control app that lets you control various Android devices. It’s most for families with multiple devices. Parents can control child devices without actually getting on the device. However, it’s useful for a variety of other things as well. The app features real-time monitoring, camera access, and more. It’s early so there are still bugs. However, it worked well for us during our testing.


If we missed any big Android apps or games news, tell us about it in the comments!

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