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is a better activity in real life than it is in video . There have never been many good BMX , even on console or PC. Still, it’s a fun genre if you find the right game. Mobile BMX are a little average, even for BMX . You won’t find anything super great in this genre. There are a few decent ones though, so here are the best BMX for .

BMX FE3D 2 is a very average BMX game. It’s a 3D game that lets you perform various tricks. You can also design your own parks, customize your character, and play three different game modes. There is also a progression system to improve your tricks. It’s a little slow and the graphics are a little low rent. However, the game is completely free with ad support. We’ve seen games that cost money that don’t try as hard as this one. It’s a good BMX game, but not a great one.

Pumped BMX 3 is a 2.5D BMX game from Noodecake Studios. It has a ton of content. That includes 750 challenges, 15 characters, two dozen tricks, and 60 levels. Your goal is to do each level and complete each challenge. The challenges range from fairly easy to fairy difficult. Additionally, this game has no freemium content whatsoever. You pay the $3.99 one time and you get the whole game. We’d like to see more updates from the developer, even if it’s just to modern Android SDKs. However, this game is otherwise quite good.

If we missed any great BMX games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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