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is a popular and fun hobby. Some even consider it a sport. The game is easy to play for beginners. However, things like oil patterns and per-manufacturer ball hooks allow for a more hardcore fan base as well. We’ll be honest with you. There aren’t a ton of good for your mobile device. Most of them are scorecards for keeping track of scores long term. There are some others that might be helpful. However, in general, this isn’t a robust genre on mobile. We’ll give it the old college try, though. Here are the best bowling for ! Please note, these are not bowling games.

There are several pro bowling organizations and news sites out there. None of them have an official app or, if they do, it’s terrible. Feedly helps rectify that problem. It’s an RSS reader. You simply open it, find the bowling blogs and sites you want to follow, and the app populates your feed with news from those sources. This is a good way to keep up with bowling, including various large tournaments and stars. Feedly is entirely free and it also works on your computer as well as your phone. Yes, it works for iPhone and iPad too. We also recommend checking out CastBox, a podcast app that should have some decent bowling podcasts.

Google Maps is admittedly a lame entrant on this list. However, it’s still very useful for bowling fans. It helps you find lanes and sporting good shops. Some of them aren’t easy to find otherwise. There aren’t a ton of places to buy bowling balls online. Thus, in-person stores are still the best spots to buy a bowling ball. Even if you bought a bowling ball online, you should still have it drilled in person. In any case, Google Maps can help you find all those places to do those things. Lame or not, it’s still better than most bowling apps.

Google Maps

Lanetalk is another bowling score app. This one is actually pretty fantastic. It keeps scores from individual games. The app compiles those into stats for your convenience. You can also watch live games from any tournament that uses Lanetalk’s technology. That may include tournaments far away from where you are. You can even challenge friends anywhere. The app keeps track of the games and syncs them to your phone (and to theirs). Thus, you can bowl against people without being next to them. It’s a neat experience, and easily among the best bowling apps.


If we missed any great bowling apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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