Do: Document as much as you can

When working on a project, it’s important to document as much as possible. You want to record everything from meeting notes to user research to sketches. Focusing on documenting as much as possible can help you:
• Easily share your with other designers to work on in the future.
• Transfer your learnings and knowledge to your team and grow your team’s knowledge.
• Quickly create detailed case studies of your work.
• Communicate the process to your team and effectively identify areas of improvement.

Don’t: Make information inaccessible or leave it incomplete

At GoDaddy, we document flows and mocks in InVision, I document meeting notes and process in Dropbox Paper, my team’s PM documents flows, and product requirements in Confluence and JIRA, and our engineering team documents their process in JIRA and GitHub. That’s a lot of sources.

Because the entire organization is organized using JIRA sprints, engineering’s process is transparent and easy to follow. My InVision and Dropbox paper files weren’t. Again, for your audience. My documentation files were hidden, hard to decipher, and sometimes incomplete. It’s important to treat your documentation as a piece you’ll showcase to your team every day, making sure it’s transparent, accessible, up to date, and digestible.

Lesson: Document as much as possible while keeping it up to date and accessible in the way that works best for your team, but be careful not to overshare.

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