“Good, smart, sensible design that uses color, scale, and typography to make a meaningful experience for people works. It worked five years ago, and it still works now. [Minimal ] throws away most of the things you don’t need. In that sense, we made something for a specific audience, which is really ourselves, but we knew that it would appeal to lots of other non-designers that just that don’t need all the bells and whistles. For us, by essentially leaving the edge cases out and making the core experiences better, we were able to make something just really focused in a way that feels meaningful,” he said.

Designing for aesthetics and focus with Adobe

When designing a new app, from scratch, it’s especially important to be able to ‘focus in’ on the design process to make sure every detail is intentional, intuitive, and purposeful. This was especially the case for Sean and his team at Rationale, who set out to create a calendar app where every feature was heavily scrutinized to make sure it improved the experience without causing clutter. Many of the design principles behind Minimal Calendar are the same design principles behind Adobe XD, and so Sean said choosing it as their design and prototyping tool felt like a natural fit.

“Both Aesthetically, and the focus of Adobe XD felt in tune with the focus of our app. It provides you only what you need, when you need it. That was something that was really appealing to us. Having worked through the process, XD’s clutter-free interface really allowed us to focus on making Minimal Calendar clutter-free,” said Sean.

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