Let’s get groovy. It’s a Monday night, the week is just beginning and I am listening to Baby by Justin Bieber. My friend and I sang this at the top of our lungs with matching t-shirts at his concert and I want to share the song with her now to remind her of our memories. However, I can’t do that without leaving the app, getting distracted by Justin Bieber’s new Instagram post then somehow watching music videos on YouTube. What was I doing again?

Although the user can successfully share the song in either a link or through social media, there are several drawbacks:

1. The user’s attention is directed towards another application

2. The focus is on social media, which every user might not have access to

People Problem

People want to share their favorite songs with their friends but they have difficulty accomplishing this because they rely on other social applications to share songs which ultimately take them off of .

Understanding Why Users Leave Spotify

User Research

I interviewed four users to understand their behaviors and emotions that are tied with the actions of searching and a song.

Key Insights

  • Emotion arises from comfort in finding familiar songs
  • Users share a song by using social media such as Facebook Messenger or iMessage

Feature Feasibility Matrix

Revisiting the Core Goal

Core goal: Design a way for users to share their favorite songs to friends in a way that allows them to stay on Spotify.

After the analysis of my users, I recognized the must incorporate two features:

  1. Share a song (users want to share their favorite songs with their friends)
  2. View your shared songs from friends (users want to view the songs that were shared with them)

Focus on Sharing A Song:

After conducting user testing with a prototype, I recognized a key insight that impacted my future user flows.

The user’s actions are defined by comfort and familiarity.

Defining the Entry Point: High Fidelity Explorations

I learned that users stick to their habits which caused the entry point to be within the pre-existing “share” option.

Final High Fidelity: Sharing a Song

Final Prototype: Sharing a Song

Focus on Viewing the Shared Song

Maintaining the User’s Trust

As I targeted the user’s behavior patterns even closer, I recognized the importance of maintaining the user’s trust. This idea of trust is vital to creating a solution to minimize user’s from leaving the app and instead gaining more comfort within the app to share their . The previous iteration adds all songs to the newly created playlist. This violates the user’s trust which is a key issue in the problem I am solving. So, I handed the users the power to accept/decline incoming recommendations.

Market Research

Controlling possible areas of spam, over-sharing, and privacy, I decided to look at how Instagram and Facebook utilize approval processes to maintain the users trust by giving them power to approve/disapprove requests.

Defining the Approval Process: High Fidelity Explorations

Final High Fidelity: Approving Requests

Final High Fidelity: Viewing Approved Songs

High Fidelity Playlist

Final Prototype: Sharing a Song

This is the Beginning

Thank you to every user, exploration, pixel, and laugh that helped me develop this solution. This launched my passion for design to an entirely new space, can’t wait to SHARE(d with me) more!

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