I should preface this by saying I am a mechanical engineer. Even though I program often and am familiar with a lot of developing jargon, I am not a developer by trade.

I work in a team that, among other tasks, develops macros and applications for automating tasks or use by other engineers. Over the years a repository of over a thousand of such macros has been amassed. This repository is not version controlled, lacks unit testing, and encompasses a variety of programming languages from C# to batch files.

I am slowly beginning to take charge of this and trying to make it more manageable. All new developments are now being version controlled, which a huge step forward. Now, I am looking to solve the other big issue of our codebase: .

Currently deployment is done on a non-automated basis, through a batch file that encrypts the sensible information and then copies it to the relevant users machines. I have been looking for deployment tools and I have read a little about continuous delivery/integration and Jenkins, Bamboo and other tools, but they feel like overkill for our tasks.

I require a deployment tool, that does not need to allow CI/CD, will not compile nor perform unit tests, allows me to run a few scripts such as encryption, and takes the headache from deploying this messy repository to all the users. Deploying to a web server/cloud is not acceptable.

Any suggestions? Both commercial and open source suggestions are acceptable. This is for a corporate environment, so the least amount of permissions required the better.

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