The is an European four-day conference focused on Agile software testing that takes place in , . Some of the of the Agile Testing are dedicated to tutorials. In the remaining you will find workshops and presentations. All presentations are in English.

In the agenda of the Agile Testing Days conference you can find topics like “Botium – next generation testing for chatbots”, “The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World”, “Product Owner Dancing Guide to Writing Acceptance Tests”, “Exploring Features and Stories”, “Test automation without the headache”, “Scaling without scale is possible!”, “Testing Your Emotions“, “Continuous Delivery Anti-Patterns”, “Testing Distributed Micro-Services”, “My Top 10 Mistakes Testing with Agile”, “Agile Testing 2.0 or Plastic Surgery for Dummies”, “Evolutionary Anatomy of Test Automation Code”, “Learning different ways of exploratory testing”, “Testable User Stories”, “Using Docker for Testing”, “Experimenting in Context for Exploratory Testing”, “A Happy Marriage between Context-Driven and Agile”, “How to include user experience driven testing (UEDT) into mobile test automation and agile practices”, “Performance testing with Gatling”, “Myths about Exploratory Testing”.

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