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On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Alyssa Nickel, Ward Bell, and Joe Eames discuss Incrementally Upgrading an Application to Angular 2 with Danny Blue. Danny is a Software Engineer at LiveSafe, and is an expert when it comes to web technology. Danny talks about upgrading jQuery spa.   

jQuery Jokes

Danny agrees that developers love to joke about jQuery but the fact is, it works. it’s hard to poke too much fun at that. But upgrades are needed he began looking for options.

The three options for Danny were Angular 2, React and Amber. Angular was his favorite because of how well it interacts with web components, and it uses inputs and events.

Custom Elements

Danny likes the fact that you can take custom elements and use them wherever you like in your Angular 2 application and the syntax for interacting with them is exactly the same.

This means your custom element can emit custom events and accept properties. Unless you mark it somehow you actually can’t really tell that that thing is a native customer element versus an Angular 2 component.


Schemas are an Angular 2 property. They are for the compiler. What most folks are used to now is getting some sort of an error.

If you create your component and you forget to declare it in your module and you try to use the tag somewhere you will get a compiler error. This is basically saying that Angular does not know what you are trying to do.

The default schemas are the normal ones you see all of the time. it will usually ask you to add the custom element schema to your NG module.

To hear the rest of Incrementally Upgrading an Application to Angular 2 with Danny Blue, download and listen to the entire episode.

If you are short on time, here are the highlights of  Incrementally Upgrading an Application to Angular 2 with Danny Blue:

Who is Danny Blue? (:48)

What is LiveSafe doing now? (3:40)

Angular 2 and NG Modules (11:25)

Server/NG2 build (21:35)

If you’re doing the big bang rewrite (35:43)


Alyssa: ng-book 2 and her awesome image on Twitter,  the deodorant love of her life by Dove and a YouTube video.

Joe: Star Wars: Rogue One, his friend Roman and the Overwatch game

Charles: Death Star costs

Danny: Doom 2016, Masters of Doom RX c-sharp unity library is out there for building games with reactive streams.

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