On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, John Papa, and Ward Bell talk about The Angular CLI. Tune it to their interesting talk to understand what CLI does, know where it’s at, and consider the issues about it.

What is CLI?

CLI basically stands for Command Line Interface. You can use it to be more efficient with Angular. CLI generates code to help you with the build process, serving, testing—tooling off a command line.

Angular, CLI, and the style guide go hand in hand. One doesn’t work well without the other. Overall, you still get the same experience of producing quality angular apps.

Where is CLI now?

CLI has been doing well. The team behind it has remarkably come up with a good set of tools that enable you to create a solid start. From there, you can customize it in any way you want.

The team is very close to releasing a shippable product. The issues are only typical.

Turning Points and Exits

There has been some turning points in CLI recently. They’ve conquered major concerns such as the move to webpack 2 and doing AOT and lazy loading together.

Performance is another thing to consider. There are some things that aren’t available yet. If you need to do certain things that CLI isn’t touching, you may have to part with them.

To hear about The Angular CLI, download and listen to the entire episode.

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of The Angular CLI:

What is CLI? (1:20)

Where is CLI now? (3:23)

Significance of the exit button? (9:16)

Why not use CLI to generate service? (17:49)

Testing with CLI? (27:58)

What it means to shift to CLI? (33:31)

John’s piece of advice? (41:34)


Charles: motorized standing desk, Daily Check In, Angular Remote Conf, JS Remote Conf

John: Girl Scout cookies

Ward: Slack’s threaded messaging

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