On today’s episode, Charles Max Wood, Ward Bell, and Alyssa Nicoll discuss NGRx with Mike Ryan. Mike is a senior software engineer at Synapse Wireless, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama and is a core team member of NGRx. What he does in work is that he builds real-time interactive UIs for industrial applications. Stay tuned to learn more about what NGRx and what he currently enjoys doing related to web development!

10,000 Foot view of NGRx

There are a lot of problems when you build large-scale reactive applications with Angular. NGRx tries to solve these problems with high quality small reactive libraries. It focuses on bringing more reactivity to APIs that are typically found in the core framework and on improving the developer experience.

Understanding Reactive Programming

Reactive programming is defined as how we react to changes, whether those changes come from the outside of the domain model or in the actual state itself. This also concerns building applications that react to those changes, which results in a reactive cycle formation.

This paradigm does not perfectly fit all applications. However, you can test reactions and model your state as it changes over time when you build real-time applications. This provides a very good model for modeling those kinds of applications.

The Role of RxJS

RxJS defines operators and provides a domain that specifically works with observables. These observables are taken and problems are solved using them. It’ not a huge collection, as it only contains three or four main libraries. These libraries are considered as part of the NGRx organization.

RxJS, with any framework, comes with its own opinions with how certain things are done. For Angular, it comes with a module in how to handle HTP requests and routing. Although these solve specific problems, it still doesn’t state anything about application management or where side effects are supposed to be isolated.

To hear more about NGRx with Mike Ryan, download and listen to the entire episode. Connect with Mike on Twitter and Github. He would surely love to hear from you! Don’t forget to tell him that you heard about him on Devchat.tv.  


Alyssa: NG Conf 2017

Ward: NGRx

Charles: Newly built desktop machine running Windows 10, Pamela, and movavi

Mike: NGx charts and Angular CLI

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