“How will this look on a real ?”

Anyone who has designed an app knows this feeling: you’ve just created a killer design for your app, and just as a photographer might frame their best pictures, you as a designer want to see your designs in beautiful that showcase your work in the best light.

In the past, you may have looked at different workflows to create mockups. But the truth is creating mockups is a time-consuming task, and sometimes we have to make the hard decision to skip this step.

The developers of Angle for XD, Design+Code, ran into this problem again and again, so they set out to solve this problem for themselves and for the community. They needed a stand-alone solution to quickly create mockups on any device without leaving the design app where they started their creation.

They divided their solution into two parts:

  1. A that helps them copy an Artboard to any isometric shape that can be created using only a shortcut.
  2. A collection of vector mockups, illustrated hand-by-hand, including a variety of devices from computers, to smartphones, to tablets and smart watches.

The team has succeeded in making a fully-featured Sketch plugin with hundreds of handcrafted devices, and has helped thousands of designers showcase their products in creative ways, but this time they wanted to take it even further. Last October, they announced the for plugin, one of the many plugins that supported the XD ecosystem launch at Adobe MAX.  “We’re excited to bring Angle to Adobe XD, where a designer can now design, prototype, and create impressive mockups, all without leaving XD,” said Thomas Wang, developer at Design+Code.

Designers work hard to create compelling user experiences, going to great lengths to make sure every detail of the design is as perfect as possible. So when it’s time to present the design, use Angle to give your design a beautiful frame.

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