Old mate Mitch The Turtle got verbal enough to upset him as he left a restaurant.


After what the pos has done to American people, it struck me that this method of non-violent protest is the best way to keep the pressure on them.


would be a based (bypassing all requirements and store hassles)

It would allow entire public list of Republican Senators to be uploaded (Dems to follow, but (R) for now as they’re the biggest threat.

Allow sign-up and sign in ONLY with Facebook for Users (this adds a later of complexity to bots, and a layer of identity management – not perfect, but better than anonymous usage)

Interface allows you to search for senators names and add to hot list that you’re interested in receiving live notifications from fellow users where they have been seen and what time.

Initial logged in screen shows alerts for your followed list and a general list of location reports of senators with tappable link that opens the Google map of the reported location. Also have a tappable number of “confirned also by:” which when tapped, shows the Users tappable avatars and facebook names, so you can see if its a load of bots or pissed off (R) supporters by tapping on them and it brings them up in Facebook mobile site or the main FB app if installed.

Initial logged in screen allows you to add a new sighting for what senator name, location on a map (insert with one tap) and is auto time stamped by web app.

I’d build this but:

A) I dont have time B) I’m Australian, so the optics looks bad for the app of a foreigner.

Hope someone picks this up and runs with it, bigly!

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