The new iPad Pro with the USB-C port.

Up until now, used lightning port for and data transfer on all iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even AirPods, TV remotes and Pencils. But on Tuesday, the new iPad with a USB-C port was released.

But what does this mean for the future of an Apple ecosystem experience?

Someday in the future, Apple is going to switch all their devices to the USB-C. Or not?

You probably read a lot about the fast charging and wireless charging capability of iPhones and the fact that neither of these is supported by the charger in the box. I don’t need to repeat what was already written bazillion times. Furthermore, the problem I wanted to highlight goes largely beyond that.

One ecosystem but a damn lot of chargers

Considering you are the most loyal Apple customer who buys all of their latest products.

You bought iPhone Xs, the newest iPad Pro, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. Naturally, you expect the best possible experience because everything is brand new and should work seamlessly together.

“It just works” isn’t just a plain claim, right?


With the new iPhone, you will get 5W charger and lightning to (old) USB-A. When you want to charge it from your Macbook, you need to buy an extra USB-C to lightning cable. To fast-charge it without owning the Macbook and its packed charger, you need to buy at least 30W charger.

The old USB-A port (left) and the USB-C port (right).


If you buy the new (and the most expensive) iPad, you will get an 18W USB-C charger and the same cable as with the Macbook. That’s awesome, you could charge it even using Macbook right a way. It’s also amazing you could charge your iPhone with the new iPad, but in this case, you need to buy an extra cable.

However, if you buy one of the less expensive iPads, or god forbid, you bought the most expensive iPad last year, you are out of luck. Because of course, you only got the USB-A to lightning cable.

Apple Watch

Up until a week ago, this was the worst user experience in the Apple ecosystem. For two years, users weren’t able to charge their Apple Watch directly from their new Macbooks, at all.

Last week, Apple finally started to sell a cable with a USB-C on the other end. After two years.

Note that Apple Watch could be charged only by their proprietary magnetic charger.

Apple Watch magnetic charger.


Since 2016, all new Macbooks are equipped are equipped only with USB-C ports and come with a USB-C charger in the box. All’s good here, the future is coming. 😍

Mac desktops

All the new Macs are capable to charge all of your devices because they have USB-C and also old USB-A ports. The only exception is Mac Pro, which haven’t been updated since 2013!


Basically, all Apple accessories are charged with the lightning port. With just one exception — the new apple pencil, which is charged wirelessly by the new iPad.

Charging the Beats products (company owned by Apple) is another story. They use only lightning and the micro USB.

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