My project is pretty big and I’m working for a medium sized company on a web application to manage user licenses and permissions based on codeignite + bootstrap 4. However, I’m operating in startup mode because my team has only 2 people. I asked for help but the team can’t help now and we have a tight deadline to make the prototype work. So I’m doing quality myself too. We need some basic unit testing (mostly for back-end, and a little bit on front-end) but I’m looking for some sort of faster solution.

Do you guys have any suggestions on affordable platforms? I found these:

and I heard of this:

Note: doing scripting testing might be out of scope, we have too much work to do and the scope is changing as we talk to stakeholders and doing user testing (as well finding problems in logic that is changing feature scope). Any ideas on how to do super fast quality assurance to get the software running at least on 80% quality on most cases?

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