I’m baseball reporter software.And its windows based application. I’m using winium tool with java lanuguge for the app. It’s a kind of reporter software, while a match going on, the reporter will sit into the gallery and enter the each commentary, this is how our application works each ball by ball. How I have been testing is taking a previously entered game from .com and entering that commentary into my app.

  • First I add the offensive players and defensive players,
  • Then I add the umpires and weather report.
  • After that I entered each commentary report each ball by ball.

I’m trying to automate this process.

I have tried automating by taking one of yesterdays and entering that commentary in my application. Then I a comparison between the match I entered and manually and the one I entered with the automation.

Finally I checked the scores, with the mlb and our application. It’s only for that one match. I don’t know how to do other matches for automation. If I want to do automate again I have to enter the full , which will take more time.

I’m looking forward to make automation effective of my application.

I am uable to find a solution for my issue. Recently, I wrote the code for automate one play by play commentory in the mlb site and checks the score with our application and mlb site contents. But the real issue is that I can’t automate other games in the mlb site If I need to automate , I need to write again and again for each and every game. my senior check my code and told that this is hard coding. he told me to get a idea about with one script can automate the each and every match..how it is possible ? it is better useful for the future..

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34186/how-to-do-one-single-script-can-automate-the--matches-in-the-mlb-site


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