I am trying to configure 8.6 with the installed browsers but getting errors while doing it, below are the configurations details of my setup followed up with the error I am facing…

RFT 8.6 on 7 ( 64bit)
JRE : 1.7.0 (C:Program Files (x86)IBMSDPjdkjrelib)

: Firefox 31.4 and

Problem : 1. It is failing in diagnostic test while trying to test FF, below is content from “Details” tab

Java Enabled
  Java Enabled In Browser = false
JVM Information
    JVM Version = Error
    JVM Vendor = Error
General Enablement Information
    Bootstrap Loaded = Error
    Java2TestDomainImplementation Loaded = Error
    HtmlTestDomainImplementation Loaded = Error
    HtmlTestDomainImplementation Name = Netscape

Problem 2: It if failing to while trying to it from RFT > environmentR; , it is showing error message ' to enable the browser. Browser location is c:Program filesinternet explorer'

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/12209/rft-8-6-failed-to-enable-firefox31-4-esr-and-ie11-browser-with-jre-1-7-on-wind


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