So I’m using with cucumber framework but I have encountered myself with the following situation:
The feature file comes like this:

Scenario Outline: Scenario

Given situation A
When I enter a valid "<Brand>" credit card number: "<Number>" 
And the credit card CVC is "<CVC>"
And the credit card expiration date is "<ExpirationDate>"
Then Output here

  | Number|Brand| CVC | ExpirationDate | 
  | 4242424242422121 | Visa | 123 | 11/2020 |  

On the test script I got something like:
const { Given, When, Then, And } = require(‘cucumber’)

And when I try to call the “And” method like this:

and(‘the credit card CVC is “([^”]*)”‘, (CVC)
//code here

I receive an error that says: “And” is not a function.
We cannot include the “And” “But” keywords on Webdriverio?

If so, what would be an alternative to make this type of scenarios going?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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