I had a question regarding philosophy and how the community generally implements their UI tests.

Let’s say I had to an app and make sure all the pages and links are working and responsive. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say I’m working with 3 pages and call them Page A, Page B, Page C.

Page A is your primary domain landing page.

Page B is a link accessible once you are on Page A.

Page C is a link accessible once you are on Page B.

Now technically speaking, an end user will never be able to reach Page B without hitting Page A, and will never be able to reach Page C without hitting Page B.

Test case:
Verify that Page C has some title or element or link or text or whatever

My question:
Should I be starting the test at https://www.website.com/ and clicking through the links until I get to https://www.website.com/foo/bar, and finally do my verification when I’m there?

OR does it make sense to just my test at https://www.website.com/foo/bar and do my verification there?

I’m a little torn because in my mind, “user acceptance ” is supposed to exactly mimic a user’s behavior, but starting from ZERO (https://www.website.com/) for every single test seems a bit excessive in terms of time.

Thanks for your time!

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34242/where-to-start-your-test-in-selenium


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