I’m a UX designer and product owner in a team of 2 (me and a back-end dev). We are looking for something affordable that helps us doing unit testing on 2 platforms (one is a customer portal and the other is a custom ecommerce built in php codeigniter), more specifically to test logic and find php errors. When I was doing research on google I got lost in the sea of options. My budget is up to $100 per month or based on test usage. I started trying Ghostinspector but it didn’t get the php errors and it didn’t log the steps after creation of account (the website requires login). Now I’m seeing if Sauce Labs is an option. Is there anything that doesn’t require me to write scripts and has a easy to use interface? I don’t need high grade testing, but something before handling to . It doesn’t need to be perfect but get 60% of the errors at least. Then re-run the tests when we make modifications / new features. We are dealing with legacy code in some applications which we cannot improve.


The problem right now I’m facing is that I’m doing unit web testing. My company does C++ programming with comes with compiler and they have much larger teams (6-10 people) while my team only have 1 guy. The quality assurance team is not used to web stuff and we don’t have a compiler, so there is perception problem that we need to ship something with fewer errors, because they will always compare us to the C++ team which have more time to release / test (6 months each release) and the compiler saves them a lot of headaches.

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