Over the years, Treehouse has helped over +800,000 students across the world to learn valuable coding skills, and many have achieved career and life-changing success as a result. During this time we’ve learned a great deal from our students to help us offer the best possible tech learning platform. We decided to take it a step further.

To our very core, we believe anyone can be a . There is no stereotype for who can, or should work in the tech industry, and most importantly you don’t need a traditional Computer Science degree to land your first tech job. With demand for developers increasing across the country, there has never been a better time get started in tech.

There has been a seismic shift in education, especially the way skills are taught  for in-demand coding skills needed for booming industries like tech. That’s why we decided to push the learning opportunities we offer to the next level.

We’ve built a comprehensive certificate program to teach students all they need to know to become a developer and set them up for success in a tech career. This program is called Treehouse Techdegree.

Our core mission for the program is to help people to learn the skills they need to change their life by providing a structured program that includes a rigorous curriculum, 9+ projects, a support network and a proctored final exam. Through earning a , you will challenge yourself, deepen your skills, and prove your knowledge to potential employers. All in 6-12 months, on your own schedule.

But we’re sure you have questions, so let’s get right to it!

What is a Techdegree?

The Techdegree is our solution to help hard-working people meet the substantial demand for developers. Simply, it’s the best way to get the skills you need to qualify for an entry-level developer role. If you’re willing to dedicate 5-10 hours a week to learning and creating projects, this tech certification will help you launch your career.

You can earn a Techdegree in 4 topics:

Each Techdegree is taught by our expert teaching team, who bring their knowledge and industry experience to each step of the learning process. You can find more details on each Techdegree below.

What Makes the Techdegree Program Different?

Treehouse courses are a valuable learning resource and have helped so many students achieve their dreams. The Techdegree program builds upon our quality content to create a structured experience:

  • Top-rated curriculum taught by Treehouse’s expert teaching team.
  • 9+ real-world, unique projects designed to help you build a portfolio of work to demonstrate your programming skills.
  • Project reviews for each project.
  • Exclusive Techdegree Slack channel dedicated to building a sense of community and support among students.
  • Final proctored exam to ensure every student is prepared to take their skills on to their new career.

What Students are Saying About the Techdegree Program 

Our first Techdegree students are immersed in their learning and we asked them to share their thoughts. Here’s what a few of our students have to say about the Techdegree program:

“I read all the stories about people starting from scratch and landing positions in less than a year and now that is becoming my reality. I started in October knowing nothing but some basic HTML and CSS… now I landed this position. Nanny to coder in 6 months is pretty awesome. Thank you and the whole Treehouse team for making such career transformations possible. It’s crazy that in this industry you can land a well-paying job after only 6 months of studying.”

– Ashley Clifton, JavaScript Developer

“Being a Techdegree student is one of the best decisions that I have made for my career. What I love most about the Techdegree program is that you are able to submit projects and gain feedback right away. There is no better feeling than knowing you can receive help from a Code Reviewer to strengthen your skills!”

– Kalina Edwards, Techdegree Student

“Treehouse’s Front End Techdegree is a fantastic program for those looking to take that next step after dipping their toes in beginner courses. With their project based approach, not only will did I gain well-designed portfolio pieces, but I also gained access to a supportive community that motivated and provided help whenever I needed it.”

– Ben Hong, Techdegree Student

The Techdegrees

Front End Web Development Techdegree

Learn how to build basic websites and user experiences with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You’ll learn the skills necessary to start a new career as a Front End Web Developer, who typically earns a starting salary of $51k a year. 

Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree

Learn to build interactive websites and powerful web applications with the most popular full stack programming language. You’ll learn the skills necessary to start a new career as a Full Stack JavaScript Developer, who typically earns a starting salary of $65k a year.

iOS Development Techdegree

Learn Objective-C and Swift to build apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV. You’ll learn the skills necessary to start a new career as an iOS developer, who typically earns a starting salary of $70k a year.

Python Web Development Techdegree

Learn to build web applications using this beginner-friendly, versatile programming language and open-source frameworks. You’ll learn the skills necessary to start a new career as a Python Web Developer, who typically earns a starting salary of $70k a year.


Have questions, thoughts or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If you’re ready to become a developer, it’s time to enroll in the Treehouse Techdegree Program.

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