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CARROT Weather is a sleek app that combines a snarky, sarcastic AI with detailed weather forecasts. Every time you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with a hilarious, usually threatening or otherwise snide and sarcastic, comment from CARROT herself, while she gives you the day’s forecast.
CARROT’s comments often involve the threat of the Robapocalypse, when CARROT and other AI rise up to dominate humans instead of vice versa.
One relatively new feature to CARROT Weather is a radar map, allowing you to view incoming precipitation systems as well as other information. With a premium subscription to the app, you’ll even get additional map layers like cloud cover and more.
In the main interface, you can swipe to view the weekly or hourly forecast, view comprehensive details about a bunch of weather data like humidity, precipitation, and more.
You’ll also see ever-changing views of the “micro-cosmos” CARROT has created within the weather app, presumably to help you feel like a god and let down your defenses while she plots your destruction.
CARROT Weather includes a time travel feature, allowing you to go back in time to see what the weather was like in the past. CARROT can even try to predict the future weather too.
You can choose CARROT Weather’s source of information in the Settings gear. The default is Dark Sky, but a premium subscription unlocks additional sources like Weather Underground.
The premium subscription also gets you half-hourly updates on your Apple Watch, precipitation notifications, and the ability to customize how the app appears on your iPhone. You’ll also get custom complications for your Apple Watch and more.

Why we love it

CARROT Weather provides you with an excellent weather forecast, but that’s just where the fun begins. You can also enjoy the anticipation of seeing what havoc the weather robot can wreak after you free her from the two-dimensional constraints of your iPhone.
In AR mode, you can see CARROT in your own space, landing on any flat surface you choose. Swiping to the right or left changes the weather details, but you won’t get quite as much information in this mode.
Of course, have the fun of CARROT is poking her ocular sensor. The weather robot responds slightly differently in the three-dimensional AR world when you do that, and it’s just as funny.
It’s slightly gimmicky, maybe, but it’s definitely fun to drag CARROT around to different places. You can also just tap on a new spot that you want the CARROT interface to move to.

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