Phase 2 : Ideation / Solutions

Always start with sketches. I find pen and paper still the most convenient way to put your ideas together and analyze different solutions. Haven’t added them here as they were really messy and unpresentable. 💩

Select Origin/Desitination

Selecting origin and destination being the first inputs by the user we wanted to be clean and prioritize that by not adding any unnecessary elements, we also automated the flow of screens landing on the home only to confirm search.

The main sections were
1. Recent Searches 
We show a combination of One way and Round trip searches, a single or double arrow differentiates the two.
2. New Search
Using an algorithm to bring up most searched/popular cities on the top,
and prioritising city name and airport name over iata code.

Simplification of listings

This being the most crucial part of the booking process we made it clean and as self explanatory as possible. 
Grouping flights by price/filter applied helps taking action quicker.
We also adding reinforcing text assuring users of applied states of any filters

We figured that too many options can quickly get overwhelming, and interfere with people’s ability to focus on any one specific result.

The information in the card provides just enough to help you confidently take action.

Modifying the search

Picked the wrong dates, city or just want to switch from one way to a round trip ? Do it right from the search result page.

We learnt that a lot of searches were accidental and users often had to return to change the search fields, we figured out a simple solution bringing the key section from the home screen enabling users to modify location, date, switch from one way to roundtrip or vice versa and add or remove passenger count.

Other improvements.

  • Implementing a bottom navigation drawer
  • Enabling push notifications (when necessary)
  • Scroll triggered animations
  • Sticky CTAs at the bottom of the viewport (especially on Product Detail Pages)
  • Allow users to proceed upto traveller details without logging in.

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