Yes you can take it still. Looking at, there are two links to the and syllabus, where the updates a listed on Page 3:

  • [12-June-2017] Alpha review release – Certified Tester Syllabus Major Update 2018 – see Appendix C – Release
  • [22-November-2017] Alpha review 2.0 release – Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus Major Update 2018 – see Appendix C – Release
    Notes for details
  • [9-December-2017] Alpha review 2.5 release – Technical edit of 2.0 release, no new content added
  • [15-January-2018] Pre-cross-review internal 2.9, incorporating Core Team edits.
  • [19-January-2018] Cross-review internal version 3.0.
  • [12-February-2018] Candidate beta version
  • [27-April-2018] Candidate general release version

So according to their revision history, there have been two major updates since 2011, and the press release stated that:

This 2018 syllabus has more emphasis on reviews and less on test
management, compared with our 2011 version. We have reduced the number
of K1 learning objectives from 27 to 15 to focus less on remembering
and more on being able to apply knowledge.,” says Klaus Olsen, ®
Foundation working group chair.

… and so you could argue that they aren’t that major in the grand scheme of things.

If you’ve been studying for the 2011 version, then you have until June 2019 to take it… before it gets replaced with the 2018 version. Personally, I would keep to your current and sit the 2011 paper – good luck!

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