Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

10+ Angular 2 Embed Video Demos

If you’re looking to use Angular 2 to Embed your Video into your app then here are some options for you. You might have seen this before? <iframe src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>  <iframe src="//" frameborder="0"...


Massively multiplayer 2d golf, built with React, Webpack and TypeScript. Demo | GitHub Project Source link

4 Angular 2 NativeScript App Examples & Tutorials

What is NativeScript? NativeScript is a free and open source framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS. NativeScript renders UIs with the native platform’s rendering engine,...

Simon Game

Simon Game built in React. Demo | GitHub Project Source link

10+ Angular 2 Animations and Effects Tutorials

Here are some Angular 2 Animations and Effects Tutorials which can help you get started with creating your own awesome animations such to animate states, styles, transitions, triggers, sequences, groups,...

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro clock built with React Demo | GitHub Project Source link

React Native Monthly #2 · React Native

The React Native monthly meeting continues! On this session, we were joined by Infinite Red, great minds behind Chain React, the React Native Conference. As most of the people here...

❄️ Winter is Coming 🐺 – React Native Coach

Do you write React Native or JavaScript articles and want to be featured in our blog? Reach out to [email protected] and we’ll review your submission. ✌🏻Around the WebLearn how to release...


Federated Core underlines agile evolution – UX Collective

Photo by Tom Crew on UnsplashAfter a delay of few weeks due to travels and festivals I am back to continue writing about the...