is the one stop shop for bookings of different nature. Ranging from mode of travel, train or flight, to the kind of hotel accommodation the user desires. Millions therefore visit the website for a seamless experience.

What’s interesting is that Cleartrip also offers the user flexibility to plan her trip!

User Persona


The Problem?

Say, she wants to plan a trip to Dubai and has 5 days. She can take a break anytime of the year. But the problem is which 5 days of the year will suit her the best?

The Options

Now, she has can:

  • Either keep tracking the dates manually, 5 days at a time, all through out the year
  • Or choose 5 days during a preferred period of the year and let Cleartrip suggest her the best 5-day deals!

How This Helps?

Once the user has mentioned the:

  • Source,
  • Destination,
  • Desired days of travel
  • Desired time of the year for traveling e.g. month, week

Cleartrip provides her the best alternatives to pick from.

Suggested Solution


  • Booking Experience — made overall improvements on the landing page to enhance user focus and cut down distractions.
  • Colour contrast — for easy differentiation between the active and inactive components
  • Visual and imagery — has been incorporated to inspire the user and aid her search further. However, it has been positioned lower then the search box so as to not interfere during the basic search eg. flight, hotel
  • Discovery — increase the categories to include ‘Flights Deals’, ‘Top Deals’ and ‘Local Deals’

Search area

  • Clear distinction has between primary input and secondary options
  • Fused the five fields to three in the entire search bar to streamline the flow and make it less overwhelming

Search flow

  • Clicking on each of the fields triggers a corresponding component leading to a light overlay to cover the background in order to focus the user’s attention. Options corresponding to that field have been included in the component rather than on the page itself to minimise clutter.
  • Key interaction — ‘Flexible dates’, to solve the user problem, is the third option in addition to ‘Specific dates’ and ‘Whole month’. When selecting this option:
  1. The user is prompted to specify their trip duration.
  2. Can be set to ‘any’, or a specific number of days.
  3. Finally, the user selects the range within which they want to search and clicks ‘Apply’.
  4. While the user interacts with the component, any given input is immediately updated in the ‘dates’ input field.


Due to time constraints, the pain points that were highlighted are based on my personal experience with Cleartrip and the assumption that this is a wider problem. Further research needs to show whether it actually is a common struggle among users. And of course, additional testing needs to be conducted in order to refine and validate the solution.

The changes which I have suggested are an outcome of the personal experiences as a user of Cleartrip. Only further testing can refine and validate the suggestions.

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