This week, Facebook announced a new feature of the Facebook SDKTrack this Framework/LibraryCodeless App Events Setup. allows users to easily track in- activity and events without heavy coding. Users utilize a visual set-up tool to designate event names for elements of choice. In- activities include elements such as buttons, links, and images.

When an app user interacts with the buttons, links, images, or other elements; these events are sent to . App owners can manage and monitor the events through ’s Events Manager. To utilize the new feature, apps need to integrate with v4.34 or higher. Further, the must contain the Marketing Kit.

To help app owners get started, Facebook has published a Getting Started with App Events Guide. The feature and latest SDK are available for both iOS and Android. For more details, check out developer docs.

With the release, Facebook hopes to lessen the need for developer work on app marketing campaigns. With Codeless App Events, app owners will gain more organic insight into how app users interact with an app or an element within the app. The goal is that developers can spend more time enhancing the native app, not on marketing and tracking elements.

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