In my work as a tester I was asked to find a solution to the of Cobol . For that I was asked to investigate Jenkins, Sonarqube/SonarLint and Rational/Topaz.

Starting point – I have no knowledge of these concepts, or the language.

So far in my research I got the following results:

  • tool.
  • Continuous Integration – Practice that developers integrate the code
    in a repository often generating builds and running the tests. It
    allows instant feedback (via email, for example, indicating the
    errors and commit the same cause). The developer can then correct the
    problem as quickly as possible.
  • Sonarqube – validate the quality of the code being developed. It can
    be configured to store all the code information in a database so
    that you can also follow up the evolution of code quality.
  • Integration with Jenkins Sonarqube – to automate the generation of
    these assessment reports of code quality. Faster knowledge about
    technical debt team and take the necessary actions to correct the

Right now I’m a bit lost … What should be the next step?

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