From the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the app brings a to anywhere you can imagine.

It’s easy to get the party started. Just find any open space and let the app measure the space. Then the fun really starts.

Along with kangaroos, you can even place trees and small shrubs. All of the different objects can be resized and placed where you want them.

Tap the jukebox, and the dance party can begin. The kangaroos start to dance around to different music, and anyone can join in on the action.

You can easily snap photos or even record videos of the dancing roos to share. And the more you dance with the kangaroos, the more music and different moves you’ll unlock.

is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

I never guessed dancing kangaroos could be so much fun. But especially if you have younger kids looking for something to do this summer, Danceabout Australia should definitely get them up and moving – with a smile on their faces.

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