The offers a number of different customizations specifically for the when double tapping the . Those can be viewed in the ’s settings.

It now also supports the new screen sizes of both new iPad Pro models.

If you’re not aware of the app, is great way to both design and sketch on an iOS device.

To start, you can select a fixed canvas size, a flexible one, or an infinite canvas.

If you’re doing a mockup for an iPhone, for example, the tools included in OmniGraffle are exactly what you need.

You can create your mockups for any orientation or device, and use a wide variety of drawing tools to create your visualization.

OmniGraffle 3 also offers cross-platform automation with JavaScript, so if you use the app on your Mac and automate tasks, you can do those on the iOS version, too. More zoom and select options have been introduced, like zoom to object and scroll to selection.

If you also use Visio, the Pro edition of OmniGraffle 3 for iOS includes the ability to import from and export to that app. You can also take advantage of blending modes and fill effects with the pro version, along with artboards and artboard layers.

OmniGraffle 3 is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

If you aren’t sure whether OmniGraffle 3 is for you, don’t worry. The app includes a free two-week trial that won’t automatically renew. This is a really great way to explore the app and see whether you can use it. If so, you can also determine whether the standard or pro version is​ right for you.

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