Even if you’re a ride-or-die Photoshop user, you should know how is changing the game.

Maybe you want to build all of your content and artboards in Photoshop, but use Adobe XD to wire and prototype interactivity. No third-party plug-ins needed.

Or, maybe your team is slowly migrating from Photoshop to XD. You may not know that all of your legacy work — including existing — remains intact, but is fully editable in XD.

For designers, the days of manual specs are over

With XD, you simply select the artboards you want, and then easily share them out to the web via a public or private URL. In just a few clicks, it’s done.

  • Easily prototype your designs after you’ve imported your work from Photoshop.You can link interactive elements, experiment with timed transitions, zoom in and out, and even preview and record interactions to share with stakeholders. You can also set up the grids used in your designs and share them out.

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