In order to succeed, UX designers need a sense of creativity and the ability to look at problems outside the box. One of the best ways to cultivate these abilities is to dabble in throughout the course of your .

Some designers have even made another career out of juggling a lot of different side projects. Danish Michael Flarup, who operates a one-man freelancing studio, PixelResort, is one such designer. Here, he tells us his philosophical approach to side projects, and how they’ve impacted his life and career.

, you have almost too many projects for me to keep track of! Is Pixel Resort your “main” project?

My time is currently divided between three main jobs and a few smaller side-projects. First, I run my entertainment design studio Northplay. This is where I spend most of my hours working with my really talented team on games and entertainment products for ourselves and for clients. I then run Pixelresort. I have been making things for people around the world through Pixelresort for more than 10 years now, and it’s my retreat as a visual designer where I get to work on icons, logos, and UI. Finally, I work on my growing design resource platform, Apply Pixels. Here I offer industry standard design tools in the form of downloadable icon and UI templates. My normal days are usually a mix of those three initiatives.

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