Key Solutions

SweetFleet creates an experience for friends to come together and give a gift that is customized. It gives users space to celebrate or be there for a friend that is going through a life event.

By finding the opportunity in group gifts and unique customization options, we designed key features for the website. We wanted users to be able to easily purchase a premade box, create a custom box, and go in on a group gift.

Task Analysis:

We created a task analysis for both ‘The Organizer’ and ‘The Contributors’ to better understand what needed to be done on each page of the website.

Task Analysis for ‘The Organizers’

Those organizing the gift needed to be able to fully customize the gift and set up the share option, while those contributing only needed to be able to select gift card amounts and sign the card.

Task Analysis for ‘The Contributors’

Information Architecture:

Through creating user flows and a site map based on user expectations we created our information architecture.

Sitemap for SweetFleet

From here we did rapid ideation and created paper prototypes that were ready to be tested.

Usability testing

We did 2 Rounds with 5 users each time. For standards we used Nielsen’s Heuristics, specifically focusing on if the share feature was learnable, the user could easily understand the feature. Also, that the Build feature was efficient, meaning the user didn’t need to put in too much effort in at each step.

Usability Testing

Round 1 Takeaways:

All the users were pleasantly surprised by the share option, which confirmed what we discovered in user interviews. However, we found that the share option was coming too late in the user flow and that was confusing users.

The share feature was originally at checkout, we moved it to within Build for better learnability

We also found that the Build feature had too much interaction and users would prefer more of a running list of what is in their box at each step.

Transformed the Build sidebar function into a running total cart and moved it to the left side

Round 2 Takeaways:

In this round we were again focusing on making sure the Build feature was efficient, and that our on-boarding process was learnable. What we found was that the Navigation and Add to Cart buttons were competing and needed to be simplified.

The Next and Add to Cart button proximity was confusing users, so we simplified the Navigation

We took this feedback and created a final clickable interactive prototype in Axure:

SweetFleet Prototype created in Axure

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