I have countless ideas for , probably from being a nerd about stuff like design, UI, , and influenced by product hunt. i’m a latchkey tech-baby that’s pretty savvy in general computer tech, and also looking for a new hobby, so I was curious about how “difficult” it is to make like this & how long it would learn to make something similar.

I have other hobbies I’m also interested in pursuing but I am more driven to this one due to entrepreneurial / tech potential.. so that gets me wondering, do I even need to learn how to code nowadays? what is the budget for a well-made application like this, in a market with so many computer programmers and “software engineers”, especially when many of them are in 3rd-world companies thats rate/hour beat any local company?

What about cookie-cutter / turn-key solutions / CMS similar to what Wix / Squarespace did with web design? I have seen a few visual-based programmers in other industries but nothing similar when building web apps. Does this exist yet, even with elementary features?

what coding language is popular for this?

Examples are below:

http://www.takeafive.com (internet browsing breaks with self-destructing tabs) https://www.focusatwill.com/app/music (productivity music webapp) https://www.noisli.com (productivity background noise web app) https://focusmusic.fm/?ref=producthunt (productivity music app) http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com (2 minute timer countdown with youtube video that resets on mouse movement)

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