A design system’s best friend

Let’s be honest, we all create, use, and reuse components throughout our process. From a simple button to a larger scale navigation system, we’re always looking for consistency and making our design process more efficient.

The Adobe design team wanted to create a seamless flow that feels natural for designers. And we wanted to do that without having too many updates, actions to take, or third-party platforms to run it by.

Think of it this way — how many times do you grab and reuse that bottom navigation from the iOS UI Kit, the FAB button from Android Material Design, or even components from your company UI Kit? Very often. But then again, think about how many times you have to go back and forth between documents, tweak an element, and re-edit everything only to learn over the team coffee break that you’re not using the latest . Frustrating right? We’ve all been there.

With this new feature, you can easily use the same assets or symbols across multiple documents; simply copy your assets from one document to another as a Linked Asset. Modifying the Symbol in the original document, it notifies you and you can choose to update that Linked Asset across all documents that are using it. This provides a single source of truth across your entire team, and is paramount in perfecting your design system.

We built this workflow to increase design consistency across documents, projects, and teams, and also to help you better organize your files and manage assets. Everything stays in sync across files, everywhere.

Making future-facing tools at Adobe requires thinking and designing for power users, but also considering the next generation of creatives just starting out. We have built Linked Assets to be powerful enough for pros, yet accessible for anyone. By using a common pattern like Copy/Paste between documents — we’re making this feature easy for a new starter to discover and see benefits. As well as for a power-user who would use symbols constantly between her team UI kit and her design.

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