Welcome to the future of . offers a simple and secure solution that provides comprehensive nationwide coverage of U.S. property . Estated’s datasets contain records on over 140 million homes in the United States, and currently power applications and workflows over various sectors and industries.

Estated’s API is our flagship product, and is incredibly easy to integrate and use as an automated input source for your Web application or tool. Whether you are in the real estate industry or looking to leverage property data in another industry, the Estated API offers you great flexibility., The data exposed by the API is among the most organized and accessible in the market, with the JSON format option making for easy accessibility and usage across all standard platforms and practices. At Estated, customers are seen as partners in order to provide them the best solution possible for their needs.

In this article, we will walk you through a comprehensive introduction to Estated’s API. The tutorial will run through the steps of signing up, making sense of the documentation, and also cover making requests and use cases.

Sign Up

Signing up for Estated is quick and simple. Our registration form is the first step to getting an API key and helps the team understand exactly how we can help you succeed.

Estated API registration form

Once you have signed up, check your email for the link to your dashboard. The Developers Dashboard is your starting point for accessing your account and monitoring your API usage.

Estated API Developers Dashboard

When you click on the “API Keys” section you will be taken to your key management page. Your API key comes with 100 free trial calls to start, and can be converted to a production key at any point to increase usage for your enterprise or application.

Estated API key management page

From the API Keys section, you can also view a daily breakdown and visual chart of each API key you are managing:

Estated API key breakdown

The Usage tab of the dashboard features real-time analytics that are filtered by key, IP address, call price, response code, and date/time. This gives an overall look at your total API usage.

Estated API Usage tab


The Estated API documentation provides a comprehensive breakdown of the various call types, the data features, the granular schema fields, as well as potential error codes and their meanings.

The various call types include: fully qualified, conjoined, conforming address, and property id.

Conjoined type is the easiest to use — you can copy and paste an address from elsewhere, including spaces, and have data returned. The other three types are going to produce a higher success rate by providing the Estated address parser with a more accurate input. You can map the input fields of your platform with the input fields of the API call format to take advantage of the fully qualified and conforming types. Property Id uses our internal ID for each property. You can make these calls using a field found in pre-existing API calls.

Making Requests

Making a request via URL is incredibly easy, and looks something like this:

Conforming address type:

https://estated.com/api/property?token={ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&address=151+Battle+Green+Dr&city=Rochester&state=NY&zipcode=14624

Fully qualified type:

https://estated.com/api/property?token={ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&unit_number=302&unit_type=unit&address=2211+E+Camelback+Road&city=Phoenix&state=AZ&zipcode=85016

Conjoined type:

https://estated.com/api/property?token={ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&conjoined_address=151+Battle+Green+Dr,Rochester,NY+14624

Property Id:

https://estated.com/api/property?token={ YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE }&property_id=945046

Understanding the result

Let’s explore what a result from an API call would look like. Here’s the full return with all the objects collapsed:

Here’s a closer look at each object:


"metadata": { 
	"address_match": "exact", 
	"property_id": 17535291
	"updated_at": null,
	"property_classification_code": null, 
	"error_message": null 


"address": { 
		"street_number": "220", 
		"street_name": "Rodeo", 
		"street_pre_direction": "S", 
		"street_direction": null, 
		"street_suffix": "Dr", 
		"unit_type": null 
		"unit_number": null 
		"formatted_street_address": "220 S Rodeo Dr", 
		"city": "Beverly Hills", 
		"state": "CA", 
		"zip_code": "90212", 
		"zip_code_plus_four": 3804
		"latitude": 34.064058,
		"longitude": -118.400955


"site": { 
	  "sublocality_id": null,
	  "locality_id": null, 
	  "land_use_code": "0100", 
	  "zoning": "BHR1*", 
	  "zoning_category": "Residential", 
	  "zoning_description": "Single Family Residence" 
	  "depth": 128, 
	  "width": 55 
	  "size": 7012
	  "acres": 0.161, 
	  "range": null, 
	  "township": null, 
	  "section": null, 
	  "block": null, 
	  "lot": null, 
	  "view": null, 
	  "location_description": null, 
	  "building_count": 1, 
	  "parcel_id": "4328031029", 
	  "tax_account_id": "4328-031-029", 
	  "legal_description": "133", 
	  "title": null


"structures": [
       "year_built": 1926, 
	   "effective_year_built": 1965, 
	   "rooms_count": 8, 
	   "beds_count": 3, 
	   "baths_count": 4,
	   "half_baths_count": null, 
	   "full_baths_count": 4, 
	   "quarter_baths_count": null, 
	   "three_quarter_baths_count": null,
	   "stories_count": 1, 
	   "units_count": 1, 
	   "total_size": 2748, 
	   "unfinished_size": 0, 
	   "basement_size": null, 
	   "garage_size": null, 
	   "architecture_type": "Spanish"
	   "exterior_wall_type": "Central" 
	   "air_conditioning_type": "Central" 
	   "basement_type": null, 
	   "building_type": null, 
	   "category": "Single Family", 
	   "condition": null, 
	   "construction_type": null, 
	   "fireplace_count": 1, 
	   "fireplace_type": null, 
	   "foundation_type": "Raised", 
	   "flooring_type": null,
	   "garage_type": null, 
	   "heating_type": "Central",
	   "mobile_home": null, 
	   "parking_spaces": 2, 
	   "parking_type": "On Site", 
	   "pool_type": null, 
	   "quality": null, 
	   "roof_type": null, 
	   "roof_style_type": null, 
	   "electricity_type": null, 
	   "fuel_type": null, 
	   "sewer_type": null, 
	   "water_type": null


"postal": { 
	    "carrier_code": null, 
	    "delivery_point_code": null, 
	    "delivery_point_check_digit": null, 
            "validated": N 
	    "deliverable": null, 
	    "details": null


"boundaries": {
        "geoJSON": {
          "type": "Polygon",
          "coordinates": [
        "WKT": "POLYGON((-118.400744 34.064134,-118.400744 34.063983,-118.401165 34.063983,-118.401165 34.064134,-118.400744 34.064134))"


"valuation": { 
		"value": 4353183, 
		"type": null, 
		"low": null, 
		"high": null, 
		"confidence": null, 
		"suggested_rental": null, 
		"market_value_change_year": null, 
		"market_value_change_quarter": null, 
		"forecast_1_year": null, 
		"version": "2.10"


"status": {
		"rental": "true", 
		"vacant": null, 
		"market_status": null, 
		"foreclosure": null, 
		"rental_price": null, 
		"listing_price": null, 
		"details": null 


"taxes": [ 
			"land": 2201657, 
			"improvement": 954935, 
			"total": 3156592, 
			"tax amount": 36007, 
			"tax_year": 2016, 
			"details": null, 
			"outstanding_tax": null, 
			"appraised_total": 3156592,
			"appraised_land": 2201657, 
			"appraised_improvement": 954935, 
			"exemptions": null 


"sales": [
			"date": "2013-04-02", 
			"recording_date": "2013-04-12", 
			"price": 2975000, 
			"type": Grant Deed", 
			"buyer": null, 
			"transaction_id": "201304172813", 
			"document_year": "2003", 
			"sale_code": null, 
			"multiAPN": 1, 
			"hpi_adjusted_price_2010": 1744712, 
			"deed_book": null, 
			"deed_page": null
			"date": "2003-04-07", 
			"recording_date": "2003-04-28", 
			"price": 1350010, 
			"type": "Grant Deed", 
			"seller": null, 
			"buyer": null, 
			"transaction_id": "200305022099", 
			"document_year": "2003", 
			"sale_code": null, 
			"multiAPN": 1, 
			"hpi_adjusted_price_2010": 1744712, 
			"deed_book: null, 
			"deed_page": null 


"owners": [
			"corporate_flag": 0, 
			"name": "CHENG BERNARD", 
			"second_name": null, 
			"phone": null, 
			"address": 610 N Beverly Dr", 
			"address2": null, 
			"city": "Beverly Hills", 
			"state": "CA", 
			"zip": "90210" 
			"first_name": null, 
			"middle_name": null, 
			"last_name": null, 
			"suffix": null, 
			"gender": null, 
			"second_first_name": null, 
			"second_middle_name": null, 
			"second_last_name": null, 
			"second_suffix": null, 
			"second_gender": null, 
			"email": null, 
			"started_at": null, 
			"ended_at": null


"comparables": [ 
			"property": {
				"metadata": { 
					"property_id": 136589, 
					"comp_score": 9.5, 
					"distance": null 
				"address": {
					"street_number": "221", 
					"street_name": "Rodeo", 
					"street_pre_direction": null, 
					"street_direction": "S", 
					"street_suffix": "Dr", 
					"unit_type": null, 
					"unit_number": null, 
					"formatted_street_address": "221 Rodeo Dr S",
					"city": "Beverly Hills", 
					"state": "CA", 
					"zip_code": "90212", 
					"zip_code_plus_four": 3803, 
					"latitude": "34.064059000",
					"longitude": "-118.401574000"
			"property": { 
				"metadata": { 
					"property_id": 9037455
					"comp_score": 9.25, 
					"distance": null

Use Cases

For Brokers: Providing additional data on individual properties is another way to stand out as a market leader in your niche market. This can be done by supplementing the MLS data on any given property with a 3rd party data source. Estated offers an array of property and area data which complements and goes beyond the standard MLS data offerings. These additional data points can provide insights into the property for you and your clients to make better purchase and sale decisions.

For Marketing: Large scale accumulations of personal data have made it possible to produce targeted digital marketing campaigns. If you’re a marketer, you have probably used address list-building services in the past to provide hundreds or thousands of leads at a time for your sales reps. These solutions serve their purpose but can be built on with advanced segmentation. Estated boasts all of the geographic, demographic, and household-specific data you need to segment your prospects and customize your campaigns.

For Home Services & Energy: Home service industries including renovation, restoration, pest control, landscaping, and more leverage property data to get a better sense of their customers’ homes. For example, a home renovation crew will be better prepared for a job if they know when the house was built, the construction type, the square footage, and the number of rooms. Similarly, energy companies are using property characteristics to run consumption analysis and minimize consumption costs by pinpointing high-use areas.

For Insurance: For underwriting and ratemaking, carriers can use data for initial decisions on underwriting and setting premiums. Property and area data help underwriters evaluate risks and automate the decision-making process as well as assist in setting the premium. Actuaries can use specific information about properties and their surrounding areas as a deciding factor in approval and rate-making.

Claims management can also benefit from property and owner data in the process of detecting and preventing claims fraud, managing claim costs, identifying the appropriate support for claims handling expenses, and for reinsurance and retention purposes.


By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to use Estated to power your businesses and applications.

Get started with our API here and find us on Twitter here. We also publish use cases, content series, and company updates on our blog.

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