A study in e-commerce minimalism

The problem with many apps is that they  overwhelm the user with inessential elements and features. The result is an that bogs down the user in friction and frustration; when you can’t quickly find what product you’re looking for, it’s not a pleasant user experience. Designers need to restrain themselves and design an that focuses mainly on the products being sold.

“I wanted to create an e-commerce app that is focused on the products it is selling without overloading the user with all the extra details and descriptions upon first glance. Something visually simple, clean, and straightforward that makes it easier for the consumer to make their decisions,” she said.

Her philosophy for e-commerce apps is that they should be user-centric, which not all are. The main UI elements get lost in the shuffle to the detriment of users, specifically the ones who don’t regularly use their phones to shop. Consequently, she made smart design choices for her kit that reflect these issues.

“I think a lot of apps these days are overloading users with too much information at first glance, and, in the process, important elements such as choosing product size, color, and other options that lead the user to purchasing the item are hidden within the UI,” Nimasha said. “For the less tech-savvy audience, this becomes a daunting experience. When I designed this UI kit, I made product options along with product images the first thing a user sees when they get to the product page from their search results.”

Elements to design an optimal mobile shopping experience

Nimasha’s UI kit covers all of the main user flows that a customer could conceivably come across as they shop on their mobile phone. It contains numerous app-screen designs that display an organizational acumen, which will empower designers to get the most from her kit.

“My e-commerce UI kit contains 22 well-organized and layered app-screen designs, covering all the main user flows,” she said. “All the main UI elements are separated on one ‘Components’ artboard, so any element can be directly grabbed from there and added to your design project.”

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