I have been out of the loop of job search for a while. I am old and things have changed. I am looking up to you guys for advice.

was big around 5 to 6 years back. It still is. But the market is expanding and companies are looking for experts in a lot of different tools right now.

For example, my recent experience in job searching made me realise Selenium is not the only thing that is gonna help. People are using RSpec and what not. I also saw Panaya for SAP being a pretty nifty requirement. Confession- I don’t know either.

Anyways, what would you tell an Selenium(w/ Java) to get trained in? I have a lot of time in hand as I am taking a break to re-skill myself in a different set of tools right now.

I am looking at learning Appium over the course of next couple of days. And be able to create an Appium/Selenium framework. But that’s not going to be enough. I need to prepare for a lot more stuff after that.

If you have any sort of advice for an experienced Automation Tester, it would be a bonus.

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